A Transitional Residence Program for Women

About Us

Wellsprings is a nonprofit charitable organization which offers transitional residency and long-term programs for homeless and abused women.


“To provide a safe, growthful environment for homeless and abused women. We seek to empower them to become economically, emotionally, self-sustaining, contributing members of society.”


Wellsprings offers holistic programs that consist of body, mind and spirit. It also provides education and life skills training in a safe, affirming environment. The homeless women have an opportunity to develop the skills they need so they are empowered to reach their potential. The program provides an individualized action plan that includes goal setting, time and financial management/accountability, individual and group counseling sessions, and agency sponsored workshops. Wellsprings serves older women, providing all of their needs and residency up to two years. Wellsprings strives to empower the women to change their lives not just providing the basics of food, clothing and shelter.


Wellsprings was founded in 1988 by two Dominican Sisters, Sr. Rita Owens, O.P. and Sr. Justin Farinella, O.P.. Having studied local services available to homeless and abused women, they found the need for an environment that was conducive for the women to make positive life-style changes. Wellsprings became the answer to that need and has assisted hundreds of women in its history.


Wellsprings is a tax exempt, tax deductible 501(c)(3) organization which is governed by a 17 member Board of Directors. Although founded by Srs. Owens and Farinella, Wellsprings is not owned, operated, governed or funded by either the Catholic Diocese of Galveston-Houston or the Dominican Sisters of Houston.


Wellsprings owns 3.059 acres of land in southwest Houston. This location, known as the Wellsprings Village, includes six family-style homes for up to eight women in each. One modular home is temporarily used for the administrative office. The other modular home is used for emergencies for up to four women. A Community/Administration Building and a chapel will also be built at this location.

Financial/Fundraising Information

Funding is received from United Way, federal (HUD, EFSP) and community grants, special event income, annual fundraising from individuals, foundations, church groups, corporations and the Wellsprings Guild. Wellsprings manages to control costs through the use of a limited central administration, which operates with minimum staff.